Representing Semiconductor and Related
Industries for 38 years

Bruce Rafey Associates is seeing more jobs all the time. Let us help you deal with these potential opportunities.

Client companies are seeking our assistance as they find other candidate sources to be ineffective.  We have been negotiating the best deals for our candidates for almost 50 years. We can get you what you truly deserve!! Finding a job is not for amateurs!

Let us represent you when dealing with experienced corporate recruiters and managers. Professional athletes and entertainers have agents - you should too!

All fees are paid by the employers. Click on the Company History tab for more information.

This is the right time to be ready to investigate new positions, markets and companies. Instead of posting your resume on some impersonal website, let us be your agent and "eyes and ears" in the job marketplace. We will:

  • Seek out and screen job opportunities every day, every week until you have found the right job opportunity.
  • Ask the "right" companies the "right" questions that result in openings being created.
  • Assure that your resume correctly, clearly and concisely represents your background and skill set.
  • Find opportunities that will be a fit with your skills, career aspirations and geographic preferences.  We will counsel you on resume preparation and interview techniques.
  • Provide expert assistance in negotiating the most favorable compensation package. You will be furnished with information on comparative salaries for individuals with similar skills, educational background, and years of experience. We can also advise you on salary rates and cost of living information for different geographic areas of the country.


Headquarters: Swampscott, MA 01907
Tel: 617-803-4023 · email:

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